About Us

Holon Education was founded in 2018 by a group of engineers and educators. We started by building a K-12 lab school in a small town in Texas. The school has since grown to 130 students and earned Cognia accreditation in 2021.

Our mission is to build the world's best mission-critical software for education providers.

Along the way, we built mission-critical software to solve our own problems as educators. Software that we're making available to the world as an app suite. Like Gsuite, but designed for educators. Our apps are simple to use, reduce teacher workload, and improve student results. They can be used as stand-alone apps or as a fully-integrated platform.

Our principles of design

Delightfully simple to use

If a software application requires training - it's already dead in the water.

Reduce educator workload

We build software that makes the lives of educators easier - not harder.

Improve student results

It's all about transforming the experience for students. Our key metric for success is student success.



Web-based video chat for tutoring and teaching.

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Create and proctor secure, online exams.

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Simple pricing.

Education providers are overpaying for complex software licenses that often don't get used by teachers or students. Our pricing, like our software, is simple. Just $20 per educator seat per month. Free for students.

The average school district uses over 1,400 education apps per semester.

We help you simplify, clarify, and economize.

Partner with us.

We work with school districts, universities, edtech companies, and NGOs.